All I can say is I wish I had known about this place sooner! I read about the mom who got a doula the same day she was in labor and I reached out to The Gathering Place to find out more. At 37 weeks pregnant and wanting to VBAC at home I knew I desperately wanted a doula but thought I could never afford one. I am beyond grateful for the immediate attention, help and HOPE they offered me! Here I am 1 week postpartum feeling awesome and I know I wouldn’t have been able to have my dream birth without my wonderful doula! Thank you so much for everything this place stands for and brings to our community! My family and I are forever grateful
— Stephany, Kendall

As a recent transplant to Miami I was very nervous to enter the maternity/OB care scene in my third trimester with no personal knowledge about providers or healthcare systems in the area. The doulas and support team helped me to choose a provider, connected me to my amazing doula, and provided helpful education and support to navigate the delivery and birth process. I cannot thank them enough for all their help!
— Danielle, Brickell

Absolutely love the village feeling the women provide. Whether it be to answer questions or provide support for situations during the most vulnerable times, there is always someone there to answer.
— Rachel, Miami Gardens

The Gathering Place saved me. I was terrified to have a baby in south Florida. Sounds crazy, but we have some scary statistics down here. Today I feel supported, like I have a community I can trust.
— Patricia, Miami Beach

Absolutely amazing community. My husband and I live in Plantation yet we decided to take all our classes here because they were incredibly supportive and helped to educate us and make us feel as comfortable as humanly possible as we prepared to bring our little man into the world. Most importantly, we worked with our doula and I have to say this was THE BEST decision we ever made. Working with her throughout the pregnancy and during the delivery helped make this an incredibly special experience. We were able to have a natural birth and I have such beautiful memories of this day because of her. We are forever grateful.
— Amelia, Plantation

I love this place!! I found them half way through my pregnancy and they gave the support I needed to have the best pregnancy and birth!! My doula was amazing!!! She helped me so much during my pregnancy and specially during labor;she was there with me from the beginning to the end, and it was because of her and my hubby that I was able to have a natural birth. My son is five months now and she continues to help me with anything I need. They has great classes and other resources for parents and they really care about what is best for the parents and the baby!
— Camila, Kendall

You feel right at home when you walk in the door to The Gathering Place and they are supportive of whatever choices you make for yourself, your birth and your baby.
— Andrea, Miami

The Gathering Place has been an instrumental place in my life since my third month of pregnancy when i finally discovered them at the recommendation of another friend. I have used them to find my doula, Michelle, who was amazing and supported me through a difficult pregnancy and birth of my twins. I also took several childbirth and pregnancy education classes there. I have bought items at the Peapod childrens’ store and gotten to know many of the wonderful women who work there. I use them for referrals to doctors and lactation consultants, as well as for suggestions on natural solutions to health issues as well as for help with parenting concepts and referrals. I highly recommend TGP as a wonderful resource for all pregnant women and parents!
— Holly, Miami

To say I love The gathering place is an understatement ! On May 13th I responded to a post of theres explaining how stressed I was not being able to afford a doula and that its very expensive to have a natural birth etc. I felt like my dream of a natural birth would never happen after reaching out to many birth centers in Miami and hearing the prices and then just getting an okay if i mentioned that I couldn’t afford their price . Well, to my surprise they responded back WITHOUT a no or a too bad they actually wanted to help me !! May 14th they responded back to me in the morning and I said I think I’m in labor right now once again I expected a No and once again I got more than a yes!! They called their doulas to see who could help me and they knew I couldnt afford it they said dont worry about it right now and let me know about the program they have that I can donate whatever I can afford to them they just wanted me to concentrate on my baby coming into the world. A few hours later I met Chrystal my amazing doula who I absolutely love she is an awesome person and super sweet she just rocks! !! I instantly felt comfortable with her and she helped me do some techniques at home to get baby in position and try to get my labor going after it stalled a little from the fear of not knowing who was going to deliver (I didn’t know my doctor works with another office with whom I never met that doctor ) later on that night my baby girl was born natural just how I wanted and I truly belive it wouldnt have been possible without the Gathering place and Chrystal im forever thankful
— Shayna, Miami

My husband and I are first time parents and wanted to hire a doula to help us navigate the pregnancy and birthing process. Tamara at the Gathering Place put us in touch with several different doulas and we were able to meet with them all to find a doula that was a good fit for us and our birth plan. We chose Na’imah because of her high level of experience, her positive energy and strong spirit. She made us feel both at ease and empowered, she patiently answered our questions, and she offered her guidance every step of the way. I was very much committed to having a natural birth and I can 100% say that had it not been for Na’imah’s presence in our delivery room I would not have had the wonderful birth experience that I had. After 8+ hours of labor, our little one was positioned in such a way that would have required a c-section. Na’imah helped me change his position through a series of exercises and when the dr. came back in to check, our little one was ready to go. She was everything we could have hoped for in a labor assistant and more. I highly recommend that any first-time-mamas-to-be out there consider hiring one of the doulas at the Gathering Place to help you through this amazing time in your life. I don’t have a single regret and would do it all over again.

We also took several child preparation classes at the Gathering Place and we found their educators to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They offer a variety of different workshops and classes to help guide you through pregnancy and parenting. The sense of community support that this place fosters is incredible and inspiring. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Whether you are pregnant or already a mama you should check this place out as a great family resource. Keep up the good work ladies!!!
— Rochelle, Kendall

I am so grateful that something like this exists in South Florida. It is a welcoming place where mommies and their sacred children can come together and just ‘be’.... no judgements or competition. Just love and acceptance. I love it and will definitely return.
— Tiffany, Miami

As a recent transplant to Miami I was very nervous to enter the maternity/OB care scene in my third trimester with no personal knowledge about providers or healthcare systems in the area. The doulas and support team at TGP helped me to choose a provider, connected me to my amazing doula (Na’imah), and provided helpful education and support to navigate the delivery and birth process. I cannot thank TGP or Na’imah enough for all their help!
— Danielle, Miami Beach