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Na'imah is a Certified Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counselor. She is a peaceful yet spirited mother to 3 magical children.  As an experienced Labor Doula, Na'imah has provided care to women and their families for over fourteen years. Her passion is serving women and their families throughout this momentous time.  Na'imah accompanies women as they prepare for childbirth, and continues to support them in birth and beyond. Na'imah shares her wisdom and understanding of birth, breastfeeding and holistic parenting to advise and support women in their decision making process. She sees her work as one of nurturing women as they explore their birth visions and walking with them as they uncover their own practices and rituals that will birth these visions into being. Na'imah understands the dynamic nature of pregnancy, labor and birth and incorporates these various aspects when consulting with clients.



A homeschooling mother of two boys and a girl with a God given desire to pursue midwifery like her grandmother and travel as a midwife missionary. Grethel has found that her heart lies in nurturing mothers and families. She is a DONA trained birth doula, a trained birth assistant and a Certified Baby Wearing Educator (CBWS). She mentors women and families in birth, parenting and was more recently called to mentor survivors of sex trafficking. Grethel sees her different roles at work all being matured by what she has learned and is continuing to learn as a Birth Doula and understands how being informed along with support, compassion and love can change outcomes. Her own VBAC birth journey instilled a deep respect and appreciation for understanding that each woman's birth journey is unique to her and her circumstances. Grethel is fluent in Spanish, English and American Sign Language.

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When my husband Michael and I were working on a budget for the arrival of our son Esteban, Michael mentioned cloth diapers. He had been a cloth diapered baby because he was allergic to disposable diapers. I remember being surprised by his request to add cloth diapers to our list for Esteban. So I spent a good portion of my pregnancy researching and learning everything I could about cloth diapering. I learned that using cloth diapers is a healthier option for our baby, more convenient than buying disposables, and even more cost-effective. There is also a substantial environmental benefit to using cloth diapers. I have since bought the diaper service and I am now the proud of owner of the only cloth diaper service in South Florida, MotherEarth Diaper Service. I now educate parents on making healthy choices for their families, the environment and their budgets.


VARISA PERLMAN / Pediatrician, Miami beach pediatrics

I am a pediatrician with Miami Beach Pediatrics, an integrative practice. As an MD with particular interest  in the Chinese medicine ethos of "heal thyself", in my work, I attempt to make families aware that health lies in how we eat, sleep, and deal with stress. After completing my Pediatrics residency in New York, I practiced for ten years in Michigan with my parents, who are from Thailand and are both pediatricians. I then moved to Miami Beach in 2011 and have had the great opportunity to interact with families from all over the world. 

There is a wonderful space that exists between traditional and conventional medicine. As an educator, I strive to bring families to that space in the journey of raising their children. 



As a mom myself, I understand how critical it is to the families’ physical and emotional well-being to get sufficient amount of sleep and restful nights. Five years ago, I got trained and certified as a Gentle Sleep Coach. My training includes a variety of topics related to counseling, child development, sleep science and much more. I also have an exclusive training in babies ages 4-5 months old, as well as completed educational courses in Infant Mental Health, a graduate of the Wonder Weeks Academy, and a member of both APSC (Association of Professional Sleep Consultants) and IACSC (International Association of Child Sleep Consultants). As a professional sleep consultant located in Miami, Florida, I also have worked with parents all over the world including: Colombia, Mexico, Bahamas, Canada, and even Tokyo. I have worked with twins, triplets, siblings, all ranging from ages 0-6. Providing newborn educational consultations, to sleep training infants, to helping toddlers transition to their big beds, I work on a wide range of sleep issues. Working one-on-one with parents, I develop a specified plan that best suits the parenting style, issues, and goals. I provide the daily support and guidance along the way, making sure parents see the results they want. With my work, seeing the transformation from a sleep-deprived family to a happily rested family, makes me just as happy as it were me going through this process.



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Marina Langesfeld is currently the bilingual International Board Certified Lactation Consultant on staff at Hialeah Hospital, where she also teaches Childbirth and Breastfeeding classes for couples both in english and spanish. A tireless advocate for all causes mom/baby, she has worked for the last 10 years in very diverse environments both in public health and private practice.

Her background includes working as a WIC Miami Dade peer counselor, and helping moms as a licensed prenatal massage therapist, and a birth and postpartum Doula. Most importantly, her own life experiences as the proud mother of 2 now young adults born at home with midwifes, were her inspiration and enlightening source to guide her in a path of self education and eventually academic formation as an IBCLC. It is Marinas goal to contribute to a better world by reaching out to as many mothers and newborns in her desire to share her own discoveries and triumphs, and empower them in their paths to become mothers.



Lina is a psychotherapist, child development expert and founder of Stop Parenting Alone, a parenting and therapy center in Miami, FL. She began her career at Vista del Mar in Los Angeles. There, she developed expertise in child and adolescent development and infant and early childhood mental health, while strengthening her resolve to support families.  She has trained and participated in research studies with Yale’s Minding the Baby, National Child Traumatic Stress Network, and Child Trauma Research Program. In 2015 she was named Mujer Legendaria de Ford for quality in her field.  She is the parenting expert for Telemundo’s national morning show Un Nuevo Dia. As part of her commitment to helping all families, she is a co-chair of the Florida Maternal Mental Health Steering Committee and a consultant for the early learning team at MomsRising, a national grassroots organization lobbying for children and family rights in Washington, DC. She brings this expertise to her work at her center, Stop Parenting Alone, and to all the organizations who rely on her expertise and consultation on development and parenting issues. 



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With deep appreciation, I’ve been able to study with the most well respected movement teachers and holistic birth professionals in the South Florida community. In addition to yoga, I practice various somatic movement modalities which I incorporate into my yoga classes, including Feldenkrais Method and The Alexander Technique. As a result, I lead pre and postnatal yoga classes with an insightful understanding of the female body and mama energy that comes along with this phase of life, and seek to help women find healthy mobility, poise, and ease in their movements throughout their early mamahood experience.

My somatic training also informs my work as a certified doula and HypnoBirthing instructor, allowing me the honor of helping women have a more peaceful and informed pregnancy and birth. My birth experience was the most empowering of my life, thanks in large part to my wonderful birth team. It’s now my great pleasure to support other women during this time in their lives, directing them toward evidence based answers, reminding them of their body’s innate intelligence, and holding space with them on their journey.



I have a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree and I have been licensed as a registered nurse (RN). I have been practicing for over 6 years in labor and delivery and have started my journey as a student midwife with Frontier Nursing University. Beyond that, I am a woman, and I, like most, have experienced not being heard or respected. What I am becomes secondary to who I serve. This is God’s work. Laboring with a birthing woman and creating a safe space within which to bring forth a child is rooted in love. It is to be honored, and so I honor all women who choose to birth no matter how they choose to birth. I am a supporter of birthing women, their partners, and their families. I am an advocate and ally for birth practices that will positively affect outcomes for birthing women and their babies. I choose to be present and informed on birth from its natural physiology to the current birth practices in our community so that I can feed knowledge, energy, and power into those I serve. My goal is to help birthing women to find their voice by helping to reaffirm in them that their values, beliefs, and fears are valid. My position as a labor and delivery nurse gives me keen insight to navigate the hospital and work in partnership with hospital personnel, so the desires and choices of my clients are openly received and implemented. I am equally passionate about serving women in out of hospital births and my practice in labor and delivery help me to recognize changes and progression in the labor process. I am here to serve. 



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Emmanuelle is a Certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner and has been teaching private and group classes since 2005. After the birth of her fist child in 2004, she embraced a new career path and became passionate about raising consciousness in birth practices. As a a Certified BodyTalk practitioner Emmanuelle has contributed in promoting awareness about this incredible healing system throughout South Florida. Her work focuses on pre-conception years including fertility issues, all stages of pregnancy and fetal development, childbirth and parenting for small children. Emmanuelle is also a Licensed Massage Therapist who has received additional trainings in Mother Massage® and Infant Massage. She is currently focusing on adding obstetric and pediatric specialties to her CranioSacral Therapy Practice. Her approach to healing is very gentle and non invasive, and emphasizes utilizing numerous modalities to reach deep layers of healing.



Sarah brings over ten years breastfeeding experience including working with culturally diverse populations, teaching breastfeeding classes to groups and individuals, running a pump loan program and the setting-up  and planning of media events. She has worked in hospitals, clinics and does home visits. Sarah was a founding member of  ProMOM, a breastfeeding advocacy internet site for women. She is also a founding member and Board member of the Foundation for a Breastfeeding Culture, a non-profit that works with hospitals to move them toward Baby Friendly Certification among other projects.