Preparing for Baby



How do I know when I’m really in labor? What is the best technique for calming a colicky baby? When should I start pumping if I plan to return to work? What should I do if my baby starts choking? Our pregnancy, childbirth and parenting classes help you to answer these important questions and many, many more. At The Gathering Place we offer comprehensive childbirth education series and workshops on a wide range of topics. We have one goal: to help you approach parenthood with knowledge and confidence. Our experienced staff love what they do and our small class sizes foster an atmosphere of support and shared learning. We are available to guide you throughout your pregnancy and through your baby’s first years.



The Classes


It's nearly impossible to get a full understanding of standard protocols of labor and delivery until you're actually living it. Most hospitals in our area don't even give actual in-person tours anymore. Expectant families are directed to Youtube videos if they want to have a peek at the room in which their baby will be born. It's true that you can't control every aspect of labor and delivery. Although not every unsavory experience will happen to every mother, becoming informed ahead of time can reduce the shock factor. Instead of focusing on "the perfect birth," build your knowledge of different labor experience and decide how you'd want to deal with the various possibilities.

Giving Birth with Confidence (6-HOUR intensive) | $199

Preparing for birth does not guarantee that your labor will go smoothly, but it can certainly tip the odds in your favor. This single-session, six-hour childbirth classes are based on the idea that birth is a profound life event and that it offers opportunities for learning and growth. This class involves both education and exploration of feelings about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Our One-Day Intensive is ideal for busy families who don't have time to take a longer class. This holistic class covers everything you need to know about labor and focuses on fostering confidence in your ability to give birth, the process of labor and birth, being part of decision making and building realistic expectations about your birth. We will discuss signs of labor, how to avoid an unnecessary C-section, explore options for pain relief,  learn about optimal fetal positioning, relaxation techniques, and partner massage for labor.

Coping with Fear & Pain in Labor| $39

For most women, the pain of labor and delivery is one of the things that causes the most anxiety about having a baby. The less tense and afraid you are, the less painful your labor will be. While the experience of pain may be different between women, beginning with early contractions many mothers will face an unfamiliar, escalating physical experience of dilation, overwhelming exhaustion, and feelings of uncertainty.  For many women it will be more than they expected. Decisions you make about pain relief measures can have a profound effect on your experience and memories of labor; procedures, medications, or restrictions that may become necessary for you or your baby; and your and your baby's well-being after the birth. For these reasons, you will want to explore your labor pain relief options well in advance and make informed choices. The class is designed to focus on three things can help you labor successfully without using medications: knowledge about what to expect, belief in yourself, and physical support and coaching during your labor. This is a class for pregnant women who would like to spend more time preparing for an un-medicated birth. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the comfort measures that can be used for labor. Come prepared to be active!

Your Amazing Newborn | Basic Baby Care | $49

This class is offered to new parents and adoptive parents interested in learning important skills before the new baby arrives. We'll cover basic techniques to care for your newborn. The class will include a discussion of infant cues, sleep and feeding habits, the signs and symptoms of illness, newborn characteristics, infant milestones, bathing/hygiene, diapers/diapering, strategies for coping with crying and tips for adjusting to life with a new baby. This is a great class for first time parents. Our small group size allows for demonstration and practice, as well as a pace conducive to discussion of individual needs. Expectant mothers are encouraged to bring a support person – partner, mother, best friend, etc.

Breastfeeding Basics | $49

Breastfeeding is a natural, but also a learned art that takes time and patience. This 2.5 hour class is designed to support and educate expectant Moms and their partners about the benefits of breastfeeding, and give women the tools they need to successfully begin nursing their newborn. The course includes discussion of:

- the health benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby
- basic anatomy and physiology of the breast
- care of the nursing Mom
- how to read baby’s cues
- how to initiate breastfeeding
- correct positioning and latch
- tips for problem solving
- bonding with your baby
- successfully locating community resources

Taught by our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and Certified Breastfeeding Educators, this class addresses common questions and/or concerns. We’ll explore all the benefits of breastfeeding for you — and your baby. Learn what to expect during the first few weeks of establishing a happy and healthy breastfeeding relationship with your baby, and much more!

Our Core Package $299

• Preparing for Hospital Birth
• Giving Birth with Confidence
• Coping with Fear & Pain in Labor
• Your Amazing Newborn
• Breastfeeding Basics


Includes: Preparing for Hospital Birth, Giving Birth with Confidence, Coping with Fear & Pain in Labor, Your Amazing Newborn, Breastfeeding Basics


Includes: Preparing for Hospital Birth, Giving Birth with Confidence, Coping with Fear & Pain in Labor, Your Amazing Newborn, Breastfeeding Basics & Infant & Child CPR and First Aid.



Do I need to register in advance?

Payment is required for classes and is offered conveniently online. We recommend that you complete any childbirth classes by the 36th week of pregnancy. Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all classes with the exception of drop-in groups. 

Early registration is encouraged, as classes fill up quickly.



Our experienced staff love what they do and our small class sizes foster an atmosphere of support and shared learning. We are available to guide you throughout your pregnancy and through your baby’s first years.

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Our instructors devote quite a bit of time and energy into preparing for their classes and workshops. Please take the time to let us know in advance if there is a reason you are unable to attend a class for which you are registered.

In the event that you need to cancel, our policy is as follows:
If you cancel with at least seven days notice before a class begins, you will receive a credit in the amount that you paid for the class. Our classes are semi-private (limited to 6 pregnant people with 1 support person) and so we do not offer refunds. No credit will be given for any cancellation with less than 48 hours notice.

In the event that we cancel, our policy is as follows: 
In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a class we will refund all monies paid in full within 30 days, except in unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, such as war or the threat of war, riots, terrorist activity, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood or adverse weather conditions. In those cases every possible attempt will be made to reschedule the training at a day/time that fits best with the schedule of the majority of registrants. Notification of our cancellation will be made via either a telephone call, text message or an e-mail to you prior to the beginning of a workshop.