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Why Rent a Breastpump? Affordable Hospital-Grade Quality Renting a breastpump provides you with the best quality, hospital-grade equipment on a low cost basis. For most mothers, renting is cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on a purchased breastpump, and allows you to pay as you go with low monthly fees. Renting is a particularly good option when you need the best equipment and aren’t sure how long you‘ll need the pump, because you stop paying for the pump in the month that you return it. Plus with monthly rental, you pay each month as you go, making rental easy on your budget.

We provide an affordable, simple and hassle free rental experience to support breastfeeding. Moms use breastpumps for a variety of reasons from back-to-work, to making breastmilk available for bottle-feeding by a partner or caregiver, to oversupply, to poor latch, etc. All our Hygeia breastpumps are ecologically sound and designed for sharing between mothers when each has her own personal accessory set. Our breastpumps are available for rental by the week or month. 

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