Our Lactation Services


TO SCHEDULE A VISIT or GET information:

Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one session with one of our consultants. Submit an inquiry form or give our offices a call at 786-953-6417. 

Whatever breastfeeding challenges you may face, we can help you gain confidence with issues including positioning, latch-on and improving milk production. We offer private consultations in our comfortable offices or at your home, and our lactation team is made up of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).

Our lactation consultants can help with:

  • positioning and latching challenges
  • low milk supply
  • coping with engorgement
  • managing twins and preemies
  • concerns with infant intake and weight gain
  • education and assistance with using a breast pump
  • assessment and management of breast and nipple problems (i.e. sore nipples, and breast pain)
  • returning back to work

Availability: Our clinic has availability seven days a week. Appointments must be scheduled in advance, but same day visits are available. In-home appointments within the Miami-Dade County limits and southern Broward County may be scheduled as well.

Payment: Clients pay in advance to reserve services. We routinely provide invoices for clients to submit to health plans for reimbursement. (We recommend that you call your health plan to find out information about whether you are covered for lactation consultation services.)

Milkworks Clinic Lactation Visit

30 MINUTES $49 

Offered with the support of Project Motherpath, Inc, Milkworks gives moms and lactating parents a chance to receive the expert help they need from lactation professionals in a group setting or with a shorter timeframe at a fraction of the cost of regular services. Led by a lactation consultant and staffed with breastfeeding educators and lactation counselors, this clinic gives you the opportunity to address mild to moderate problems, ask questions, address concerns, weigh your baby, and gain confidence in your breastfeeding skills. This clinic is scheduled bi-monthly or monthly and also offered as a drop-in clinic. Contact us to find out when it's next scheduled.

In Office Lactation Visit

90-120 MINUTES $139 

Office visits are less expensive than home visits, while still offering more privacy and individualized attention than is possible in a group setting or in a brief clinic visit. Office visits can be helpful for addressing moderate to severe problems when parents are capable of traveling to an office. For those who want breastfeeding support and assessment, but would prefer to be seen outside of their home, we provide one-to-one counseling and follow-up in our comfortable offices.

In Home Lactation Visit

90-120 MINUTES $179 

We help families in their homes because that is where breastfeeding most often happens. In-Home problem solving lets us help you find solutions that fit your life. A visit includes one-to-one expert help from a board certified lactation consultation during a 1 to 2 hour visit in your home. At your visit we take a breastfeeding history, talk about your concerns, observe your baby feeding, check your baby's weight, and create a solution plan. After the visit we follow-up by phone or email as needed.

Follow-up In Office Visit

90-120 MINUTES $119 

Most of the time, challenges with feeding can be addressed in a single visit, but some problem may require dedicated follow-up. This option is for established clients needing more guidance or who have issues arrive at a later point in their breastfeeding relationship.

Follow-up In Home Visit

90-120 MINUTES $149 

For those who are dealing with an on-going breastfeeding concern but for whom an in-office visit for follow-up is not ideal (i.e. multiples, cesarean delivery).